Joining the clean-up drive

Yesterday, I joined the clean-up drive at the school of my nephew.  I am the proxy because his parents are both working.  At first, the sister decided to just donate because they can’t participate, but I told them that I will go on their behalf.  The last time I joined clean-up drive was when I was in  It was fun then because I am with my friends, classmates and schoolmates.  It is nice to be able to help in the community like picking up garbage, cutting of grass, sweeping dried leaves, cleaning up the stagnant canal, and the likes.

The clean-up drive yesterday was fun.  It is my first time to join this activity at school with parents, guardians, and grandparents.  We are having fun while cleaning.  The most exciting part for me is that I meet new friends and gained new friends.  It is indeed a good decision that I joined the clean-up drive at the school where my nephew studied.  It is nice to see the clean sorroundings.  Also, we cleaned the clogged canal.  We did not mind the  smell of the stagnant canal, and the dirts, for what is important to us is that we are able to help and we give the kids/students a clean environment.  It really feels good to help the community.

February: The love month

When we say, February, the first thing that comes to our mind is love, date, couples in a special relationship, boyfriend, and girlfriend.  It is because we celebrate Valentine’s day this month.  The love month as many are calling it.  Hotels, restaurants, cinemas, flower shops, and the likes are in demand business this month, especially when February 14 arrives.  The couples are thinking of a nice place to go and celebrate valentine’s day.  Some families are going to the beach or park to celebrate this day with their loved ones and kids and spend quality times with them especially if both parents are working.

However, to some single individual, this day is like a torture to them.  Because their concept for Valentine’s day is for couples, boyfriend, and girlfriend only.  They tend to forget that they can still celebrate the love month even if they are single, for they can make this day extra special for their family or friends.  No reason to be sad when you are single on Valentine’s day because you can still celebrate it.  For a single like me, aherrrmmm, I will be spending this very day with the family, my nephews and nieces, and friends.  I have plans and schedules.  I will be with my family on Valentine’s day and will be with my friends the next day.  Even if I am single, I make sure that my valentine’s day celebration is a memorable one.  I have been doing this for years…haha!  So, being single on Valentine’s day is not new to me. *wink!

Post-Christmas Party Celebration

Last Sunday, my friends and I celebrated our post-Christmas party celebration.  Yes, it is very late due to very busy schedule, including me.  We are too busy with our preparation for the holidays that we cannot plan for our Christmas party last December 2017.  We will have our Christmas party after the holidays.  Never late than never, as they say, because we have our post-Christmas party last Sunday.  Finally, we planned for the date, the venue, and foods.  The first plan was to have our party at the pool, but we changed it at the house of one of our friends.  Fewer expenses and we can do sing-a-long session.   We are not singers, but we love to sing.

Anyways, the party was fun.  We sing, eat, dance, and drink wine.  Yes, we drink only wine because I do not drink beer or liquor.  Wine is safe for me.haha!  Our party was filled with laughter and we talked a lot.  It seems like we have not seen each other for years and we are catching up for the lost times to bond with them.  Indeed, being with true friends is a treasure forever.  I am treating them delicious foods for I will be celebrating my birthday this month.  I cannot treat them to eat outside because I am on a tight budget.  I am glad they like the foods that I made for them.  Thank you, ladies, for the time, the laughter and the fun.  Till our next bonding session.

Professional Psychic Readings

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If you have been single for some time and have come to a crossroads in your search for true love, a psychic reading with a love specialist may be just the tool you need to re-align yourself with the universe; the spirit world can show you what you need to do to attract a mate when the time and place are right. Some people like to go to psychics in their communities and bring friends or family with them for support.

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In a Relationship

“In a Relationship”.  This is the status of my 13 year old niece.  Oh my God, she is growing so fast.  I look at her still like a little girl that I carried in my arms, but now, she already has special someone in her heart.  This is a good wake up call for me that I am old.  It finally sinks in that the little is slowly becoming a lady.  Hard to believe but I should.  If I am to ask, I do not want her to involve in a relationship at a young age.  I want her to study first, finish schooling and enjoy the single life.  Besides, she is still young.

In a relationship is not a bad status though.  As a student, the niece can make it as her inspiration to do good at school and can be her inspiration with the goals and ambitions she wants to achieve in the future.  As her aunt, I give her some advises to be not so impulsive, they should know their limitations because they are still young and a bright future ahead of them.  Just take it slowly but surely.  We have not meet the guy yet, because they keep it secret, it so happen that I discovered by accident.  Hopefully, we will meet the guy one day to know him and maybe give them both the piece of advice.