Mother, a noble job…

Others are complaining for their jobs are not easy, pressured and very tiring.   But they do not have any choice but to continue to work for their family.  For financial support for their family they have to work no matter how hard it is.  They work hard for their family especially  for the better future of their kids.  But there is a very tiring job that has no salary. The only salary they get is the love they got from their family.  Seeing her kids grow up a better person is the best salary she has ever received. 

The job of being a mother is the most tiring one.  You have to do it 24/7.  No matter how tired a mother is, she is still doing it for the family and her kids.  She has gave up everything just to give her full time to take good care of her kids.  Indeed the job of a mother is a noble one.  Some working mother says, it is a boring job for their life are turning around the house.  Doing household chores, taking care of the baby and being a wife.  They find it very hard that is why they choose to get a nanny and have their kids babysit and they will look for a job.  Nowadays, mothers do work to help their husband financially.  But they missed being around with their kids.  They also sacrifice it just to give their kids a better life in the future.  The job of being a mother continues until they really needs to rest.  Mother will always do her job no matter how tired she is, for she love her family.  A mother is full of love that never notice that they have forgotten to take good care of themselves.  Always put themselves on the last priority. 

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