Their Passion for Foods…

Mostly women has the passion for foods.   We often seen them in the kitchen preparing foods for the family and their love ones.  They love doing that, cooking and serving the family.  It is a good feeling knowing that their family enjoyed eating the foods they prepared.  Their place in the house is in the kitchen.  Their passion for foods makes them the queen in the kitchen.  A queen in their rights and ability.  They never fails to give their family the foods that no one can compare.

I remember my mother do love to invent foods for us, she do not care if she gain more weight and fats.  Her concern is to serve a yummy and delicious foods for us.  It is so yummy to eat foods that are prepared by our mother, for it has the touch of love and care for us.  Cooking foods with lots of love. That is the main ingredients by our mother to make a delicious foods.  Truly that mothers knows best for the family and to their kids.  Though my mother died years ago, her passion for foods passes to us and we love to cook also.  She leave us with a wonderful skills that we can apply to our own family in the future. 

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