A Bride’s Bouquet….

The most awaited part in the wedding day is the throwing of bouquet by the bride.  It has been said that whoever catches it will be the one who will get married soon.  It is true?? What if you are  single? Well, those are the questions that enters in my mind every time I saw someone who is eager to catch the magic bouquet from the bride. 

In old tradition, throwing of bouquet is passing the blessings that a bride got.  A blessing to be the one to get married.  It is like a superstitious beliefs or really happening in real life?  I have a friend who always catches a bouquet but until now she is still single.  In my own understanding, marriage do come on the time we less expected it.  For it is in the hands of God, destiny is in His hands.  We just have to wait patiently for God knows who are the one that deserves such blessings.  Without catching any bouquet when God’s hands is working, it will do happen.  Keep the faith and believe in God, not on the bride’s bouquet.

I never tried to joined catching a bride’s bouquet every time I am attend a wedding.   Even during my sister’s wedding.  I am shy and do not feel like joining it.  I have my own belief that if I were to hold my bouquet, it should be my bouquet and I will pass my blessings to those who have faith and believe in God that a marriage life comes and rolls in God’s hand.  Cheers everyone!

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