Are you just a dream….?

In searching for Mr. Right, we think of when is that day come.  Are you just a dream? Or will it be come into reality?  And when is that day come?  Questions that no one can answer and will remain unanswered until such person will come and knock into our heart’s doorstep. Our heart always think positive and is waiting for that right person but our mind says, not sure or maybe.

Some girls do have been into different relationship, meeting different people but still they are looking for something.  Others do wondering if there is really someone who is destined to be their soul mate and partner in life.  Even though sometimes we lose hope, but we refused to give up for we are still hoping that love will find the way to make two people happy.  Continue hoping and dreaming for one day that man will come bringing the love he has found.  We just have to keep praying, asking to give us the right man we are dreaming.  God will answer those dreams and He will give that dreams on the day we less expecting.  Yes, it is a dream but a kind of dream that no need to wake up for we are fully awake.  Awake to accept the love and cherish the person that God has given to us.  A girl and a woman’s dreams that come into reality. 

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