Do not change him….

When it comes to choosing a man, a woman sets some standards.  They want someone who is like this, like that, can to this and can do that.  They want to make sure that their man will surely make them happy because of meeting their qualifications and standards.  If their man is lacking of things that they want, they try to change them.  They believe that they can change their men.  Try to make them the way they want it to be, someone with accordance with their standards.  Without even knowing that like all human beings, men are also unique and have their own potentials and abilities.

Trying to change him for the better even if he is not willing to do is a big mistake.  Accepting him for his real self and his imperfections will give him the feeling of security.  He will feel love and become more loving.  Woman should believe in him because that is a good sign that you truly love him for him.  Helping him and supporting him in reaching his potentials and ability is believing in him that he can do better.  Bring out the best in him and never try to change him.  Loving him despite his imperfections not by the man you hope he would become.  Know that having a relationship with a man means loving him for who he is now, not for who he will be tomorrow.

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