Is it possible?

Some says that it is impossible for man and woman to be best of friends because there might be a sexual attraction between the two of them in the long run.  Men and woman as friends wont work because they do not have the same interest.  They find it a boring company because of different interest.  And also men are not so emotional because of their masculinity effect.  They are on the strong side that is why it is hard for woman to find comfort and be open to them.

Men value friendship as much as we do.  They will enjoy the company of witty and fun to be with kind of a woman.  And he can be emotional and even can share what it is on his their and share their emotions.  If a man is not to open, shy to open up and insecure, as a good friend we can help them to be more open and find confidence to show the real him.  Being friends with a man is a wonderful opportunity bring out the best in them. Because they are looking for someone who they can share their feelings with woman, someone who can help him show her real emotions.  True friendship rests on our ability to reveal our vulnerable side.  Man and woman can be best of friends, can confide in each other and being able to speak freely about anything what is on their mind.

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