Today we are celebrating the 33rd birthday of my one and only sister.  The loving and caring sister that I have and will is always there for me and for the family.  Though we do not have a party for her because no budget for that.  We just celebrated it with a simple dinner with the family.  A simple but memorable birthday for her.  No birthday cake also because my sister is on a tight budget because she is saving for her pregnancy.  She will be having her first baby early next year.
While we are thinking if to buy for a cake because my nieces are keep on asking for a birthday cake.  My sister in law got home from work and surprise surprise, she bought a cake for my sister.  A very yummy chocolate cake for her birthday.  We didn’t expect it because she also is on a tight budget.  The kids are so happy because thet are going to eat cake tonight.  A simple chocolate that the family shared after dinner.  Thanks to my sister in law and the birthday is complete.  According to my nieces. 

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