He is Jealous

He is used to be the baby in the family.  All attention is into from, from his parents, grandfather, aunties and uncles.  His cute and lively smiles that makes him loveble and makes us smile a lot.  That is my one year old nephew’s activity inside the house and his way of entertaining us.  My older sister is expecting her first baby and this little nephew of mine used to touched her tummy and say baby.
Last December 25, 2010 my sister gave birth to a healthy baby boy.  We have new baby in the family.  The family are happy for this gift from God that arrives on the day of Jesus’s birthday.  As we all know, we want to carry the baby and wants to kiss that little one.  That is what we are doing to our new angel in the house.  We have noticed that every time we come near to the baby, my one year old nephew cries.  The baby is now an older brother and jealous.  We really felt that he is jealous especially when his parents carry the baby.  So funny to look at him but we felt for him.  We felt his feelings now that the 100% attention that used to be his is now divided.  Although nothing has change on the attention we give to him just that he is just jealous.  He is jealous but we show to him that nothing is to be jealous of.

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