Early this evening while I was cooking foods for dinner, my sister was breastfeeding her three weeks old baby.  She is in the room while me in the kitchen.  I was enjoying my cooking session when I heard her shouting and saying help me.  I hurriedly go to the room and saw her very nervous because the baby is vomiting.  As much as possible I calm down so that she will calm down also.  My sister before was suffering my nervous breakdown that is why I get the baby and carried him on my arms.  To calm her down, I told her it is okay nothing to worry.  This things happens sometimes, no need to panic.  I am glad she calm down.
I been here in my sister’s house for three weeks already.  Her request to assist her while she is recovering from giving birth because of C-section operation.  One thing that I want to do for my family is to be with them to lend my help if they needed it.  I am not a superwoman but I can be when it comes to my family.  I have been babysitting my brother’s kids for years now, and vomiting is not new to me.  My sister does also but when it concerns her baby its different.  I know what she meant, though I am still single I know the feeling of a mother when her baby is vomiting and keep on crying.  I just told my sister that, when it comes to baby matter the last person to get nervous and panicked will be the mother.  Stay calm because all is fine.  I am glad she is.

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  1. anne says:

    wala ni natarong ug pa burp mao ni nagsuka ba