Full Payment

To have a house of her own is what my sister is praying and dreaming of.  A home sweet home of their own where her family lives and have a happy life.  After a year if renting a house, my sister and her husband finally bought a house of their own.  Dream come true for her and her husband.  An abode where their kids would grow up.  They have been renting the house until the owner decided to sell it.  My sister did not let the opportunity to slipped away.  She finds a way where to get the money to pay at least half of the price and then the remaining amount will be paid early this year. Good thing the owner is so understanding to give my sister a chance to produced the remaining amount.
This month my sister will five the remaining half as full payment of the house.  I can see that she is happy nd fulfilled knowing they have a house of their own.  It is true that if there is a will there is a way. My sister is willing and determined to buy the house for her family and her baby.  God showed them the way and now they are about to pay full payment of the house.  There more she could ask for as God has given her enough blessings.  I like her house also and I am happy for her because I can see in her eyes that she is fulfilled on what life she has now.


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  1. w0rkingAth0mE says:

    Hi genny, congrats ulit sa sister mo i hope one day i have my own house din 🙂 btw, i will put all your links in my blog i'm just a little busy need to go to manila later 🙂