Love Month is not Affected

Tomorrow is Valentines day.  A day where couple do celebrates and  express and show their love to their love ones and special one.  Though life is hard nowadays, but this hard times wont affect people to celebrate this special moment.  Earlier while I was in the mall I saw guys buying stuffed toys, pillows with heart shapes, roses and chocolate.  Truly crisis wont stop them from buying things to show and express their love to their special someone.  It happens once a year that is why they want to make it a memorable one.  It is worth to spend especially if it is for the ones we love.  Crisis or not love month will continue and people will celebrate valentines day.  Crisis won’t affects us from celebrating this season of love.
Though I am celebrating it alone, I am still happy that I have my family with me and a family that always give and show their love for me.  Happy Valentines day everyone!


One Response to “Love Month is not Affected”

  1. anne says:

    Family comes first when there's occasion to celebrate. Belated Happy Valentines Day girl!