Memories will be there

In every beginning there is an end.  In every road there is dead end.  There is nothing that we can do but to accept it and start anew.  Though it hurts but this is part of our life that we have to make a wise decision.  No matter how painful it is, we have to accept that there are things that are not for us to have.  And that sometimes we have to say goodbye to someone.  We have to remember that goodbye is not really the end of every thing but a beginning of new life and new journey in life to take.

This is what my cousin is facing through right now.  She is still single and love kids a lot.  She likes to take good care of her nieces and nephew.  Last eight years ago, our cousin asked her a favor to take good care of her daughter because she will be working abroad.  She find it hard to say no when it comes to kids.  She’s been the mother, nanny and father of our niece for eight years.

The thing that she is afraid for is now going to happen.  Our cousin will be home soon and telling her to get her daughter.  She was shocked and do not know what to say but to give the girl to her mother.  After eight long years, for the first time they will be separated from each other.  Though she is prepared for this day to come, still she felt sad and lonely.  All will be left to her was memories of happiness and laughter they have shared for years.  She will miss her for sure but she is happy that she will be with her mother.


5 Responses to “Memories will be there”

  1. anne says:

    I know she would miss your niece. Sigh. Visiting you from
    SAHM’s Online Diary

  2. gagay says:

    te genny..thanks for dropping by at my site..

    regarding ur tag? yup yup..u have to do wat i did..answer those 18 questions, link to me (the one who tagged u) then tag others..

  3. Pinx says:

    hi gen, that’s the same feeling my MIL felt when her two grandchildren who grew up with her went to London to be with their parents. it’s really sad and i know that my MIL is coping up slowly with her “loss.” by the way, usually it takes two weeks approval but if you don’t get a response from them in two weeks, you can always re-submit your application. keep on bugging them lang. hehehe.

  4. Chie Wilks says:

    aw! that is sad..but she has no choice but to give the daughter to the real mother

  5. shengkay says:

    Before when i get pregnant..char! english talaga eh no..noong magpabuntis ako 😛 at alam ko naman na hindi ako pannaangutan..(sensya na tanga lang kasi na nagmamahal) hahaha..of course una kong naisip pano ko ba bubuhayin anak ko..aside from kapatid ko kasi hindi naman ako sure kong susuportahan ng tatay nya ang anak awa ng Diyos..hindi nga sya itawa ko na lang daw ang pagkabwesit ko sa tatay..hehehe..anyways back to me..i plan to go abroad at iiwan ko si Iris sa close friend ko na walang anak. At first pumayag naman..kalaunan she said dapat daw kong iiwan ko kanila na lang si iris..dahil natural ngarag pa ako nun naisip ko na pwede! kasi they could give a good life to iris naman. nung nakita ko na si iris hindi ko na tinuloy balak ko..tsaka i understand my friend..siempre sya magpapalaki tapos kukunin ko lang after..talagang masakit yun. Masakit nga sa akin na kapatid ko pinadala ko kay mama nung mag 7years old sya eh..

    So i can feel your cousin’s situation now..hindi talaga madali na pakawalan nya yung bata..(sigh)

    see yung comment ko parang isang blog na ata..hahahaha..