Just the Four of Us

My two nieces are on vacation at their aunt’s place for a week, her mother’s sister.  I feel a little relief because I am so tired of their fighting.  Though kids are like that and I do understand them, just that it irritates me seeing them fighting rather than playing.  Looking after four kids at once it not easy.  When their parents told them to have a week of vacation I feel a little happy.  I will miss them but I will take this opportunity to relax and go out sometimes.

This morning my sister told me to accompany her at the mall.  Perfect timing because my two nieces are not here.  I said yes of course because I seldom go to mall because of the kids.  Though my one-year-old nephew is here, I bring him with us.  My sister, her baby, my brother’s son and me went to mall.  Just the four of us at last and it feels so good.  It is like a little treat from my sister and I am so happy because my nephew is enjoying himself at the mall.  Looking after for only one kid is not too tiring compared to three.

One Response to “Just the Four of Us”

  1. Chie Wilks says:

    what a good aunt naman pala ikaw sis,…i agree,u deserve to go out and stroll sometimes