Labor of Love

A friend of mine gave birth early this morning.  After one day of laboring, she finally gave birth to a bouncing baby boy.  I can see the happiness after she saw her little one after nine months of being pregnant.  A fulfilled mother I must say because a new little angel will add the smiles in their family.  Though she wanted a baby girl this time, she is still happy and thankful for the Lord blessed her and her husband another man in the family.

The pain of laboring is now smiled of happiness.  To me, this situation explains the meaning of labor of love.  Because of the love of the mother to her child, she carries it for nine months inside her womb and the pain of giving birth is really nothing.  A mother will do all the things and can handle anything for the sake of her child.  To my friend congratulations and enjoy another gift of life from God.  God bless always!

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