Holy Week

Catholics do celebrate the holy week once a year.  This is the week wherein we catholic commemorate the passion of Christ and repentance.  We do start this holy week with the blessings of palm leaves.  And we call it Palm Sunday.  I have always participating this holy week celebration for quiet sometime now.  But today I did not able to attend the mass for Palm Sunday because my body is so lazy to stand up early.  I felt guilty because it happens once a year and I did not give time to attend.   I am so burnt this week that makes me lazier.  Though I did not able to attend the Palm Sunday mass, in my mind I do my simple celebration and prayers.

I think I would not be able to participate in this year’s holy week celebration because of my father’s condition.  Though I wont be able to attend some activities, I will do my best to repent, reconcile with God and to my enemies.  This is the perfect time to repent to all catholic people.  Admitting our sins, and lets forgive and forget because it is a good feeling to reconcile and bring our self back to God.

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