” I am not sure”

This is what my younger brother answered to us after we asked him of his plans about his life.  He is been in a relationship for three years now.  We think that it is not a healthy relationship because my brother doesn’t have time here at home.  Plus the attitude of the girl is not that friendly.  She always wants my brother to be beside her and serve her.  We cannot take it anymore especially nowadays that we needed him because of my father’s condition.  He always stays at the girl’s house serving the girl while me is busy taking care of my father.

Early this evening, we did have face-to-face talking and counseling.  Very serious talking we have ever since because of our younger brother.  He really needed some counseling and we needed also to be open to each other of what we really feel towards his girlfriend.  We haven’t seen a good point in her but our brother is too blind to see the real attitude of the girl.  We asked him about his plans for that girl.  He said, he loves her but not sure if he will marry her.  Very confusing answer he uttered.   We want him to decide because he gives more time to that girl than to us who is his family.  We are giving him until Sunday to decide, and hopefully he will make a wise decision because there is no turning back.  We will respect his decision and we wish whatever it is he will not regret it.


2 Responses to “” I am not sure””

  1. Hopefully he will open his eyes and will make a right decision. What ever it is, he knows its his for own good di ba.