Together Again

My father has been widowed for 23 years now.  He has various girlfriends before and now.  At present he has two. sigh!  Good thing is he never married again.  Which we do not like because my father is old already and we are not sure if the girl will take good care of him.  Last three weeks ago, he and his other girlfriend broke up.  We are glad because we do not like her.  He went to his other girlfriend.  When he got sick, his other girlfriend didn’t show up.  Time where my father needed her the most.   My sisters talked to the girl and said do not contact my father again because their relationship is finished.

My father condition reached to his other girlfriend and she visited my father.  We do not want her to come in but we cannot afford to hurt her feelings because she is concern.  I do not know what are her motives of coming back.  Sad to say they are back and together again.  They have been broke up many times for so many reasons.  It is my father’s decision to let her come in and give their relationship a second chance.  We do not want him to get married again, because we want him to enjoy his money.  He is a pensioner and we want him to enjoy his money alone.  Not in dating and other things that wont help him.

I just hope that my father will think carefully and will make a wise decision.

2 Responses to “Together Again”

  1. Hyanne says:

    Astig father mo sis, dalawa ng siyota in his age. Talo niya pa ata younger bro mo ah, anyway baka eni-enjoy niya na lang life niya, kung ano ang nagpapasaya sa kanya. 🙂