Stand Corrected

Sometimes in our life we do commit errors, mistakes and bad decision.  Who to blame?  No reason to blame anyone because it is us who made it.  We find it hard to accept if we fail because of the decision we made.  In every decision that we make, it is accompanied by success and failure.  That is why we needed to think a million times to make sure we are making the best decision we have in life.  Success will make us keep on moving and strive harder because we are inspired but if we fail, our disposition in life change.

Advices and opinions of others are very important to help us out in decision-making.  As they say, two heads are better than one.  And I agree because I do apply this in making decision in life.  I admit I have had failures in life and talking to my sister makes me feel better.  I did not make a wise decision that is resulting to failure.

Acceptance is never easy; it is good to be stand corrected.  For correction is one way to make us realize that what we did is not good and we have to make another approach.  If someone does a little correction of your job, be happy for it means they care and will only wants what is the best for you.

3 Responses to “Stand Corrected”

  1. emzkie says:

    korek kaau ka girl! pero lisod dyud bitaw i accept ang mistakes, it takes a lot of courage to do such thing. =)

  2. SURYA says:

    Glad to be one of many visitors on this amazing web site : D.

  3. Terrans says:

    Two heads are always better than one and great you said it right, think millions times before making a decision.

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