Making Issues

I have a friend who just graduated from a four years course in college.  It is her dream to get a diploma to find a good job to help her family financially.  She is working at the same time schooling.  She even does not have time for herself to take a rest because of her schedule.  She stayed at the house of her boss since her job was to do household chores.  She carried it all for the sake of her dream to come true one day.  Through her hard work she was able to make her dream come true after she get her college degree diploma.

After graduation she applied for work from different.  After a month, she luckily find a job.  Indeed, she is so blessed and will be blessed because her plans are good.  She then talked to her present boss about leaving because she got a new job.  She said, it was a nice conversation between her and her boss.  Her boss is happy for her and also wishes her the best.  After two days of leaving, she learned that her boss is making an issue.  Issues like stealing things and money.  So degrading on her part that makes me angry after hearing it.  I do not know if her boss really happy of her achievements or just does not want her to succeed.

Yes, she had helped my friend to let her stay at her house but she work for it.  I just hope she will be able to overcome it and clear her name.


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