Nanny for Hire

In a few weeks, classes here in my country will starts.  Another school year will for students.  My sister is a teacher which means she will be going back to work too.  Since she just gave birth five months ago, she is now looking for a nanny who will look after her son.  Even if she doesn’t want to she has no choice because her work is their bread and butter.  She is now having some hard time in finding for a responsible and dedicated nanny.  There are so many cases about nanny who just leave their bosses without any noticed.  That is what my sister is trying to avoid.

I hope my sister will find a nanny soon before classes’ starts.  She is a good person and I pray she will hire a good nanny soon.  I so love my nephew so much and I want him to have a loving and caring nanny soon.


One Response to “Nanny for Hire”

  1. anne says:

    Sus lisod ra ba mangita ron ug tarong na nanny hahaist/