Feeling Better

The past week was very stressful for me.  It’s like a big storm is hitting me and never leave me until I have no more strength to fight for my life.  I never thought it would happen to me because I don’t think I did hurt someone to deserve it.  Thanks for my family and friends who are always there to give their comfort.  They give me strength and many reasons to keep the fight.  I have a better life ahead and they want me to see the bright side of what is happening in my life right now.

Another week is here and a better days ahead from now on.  I went to church this morning and asked for more strength and guidance to Almighty God.  I know I am being bad the past week because of what had happened.  I regret it because I did not able to handle it well.  It’s just that it happens very fast and I am caught unaware.  To bad there are people who are happy to see others life miserable.  I will get over this soon because you are not a lost really.

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