Moving Out

Because of the situation that my family is facing right now, my older brother and his family is thinking of moving out of the house.  I must say, he cannot take it anymore of what my father is doing right now even me.  We are tying to understand him but each day he is getting worse.  I am thinking that this is something to do with his girlfriend.  Though I am not sure, it is just my feeling.  To avoid the fight and worsen the situation, my brother decided to move out of the house.  Though I am not sure when because they are still looking for a house for rent.  I will for sure miss the kids.  I am babysitting them for years and seen them growing up each day.  Thinking about it makes me cry.  But I have to accept that this is part of life and my brother has his own family and soon they will have their own house and moved out of the house.  I am not sure if I can still stay here in our house, I am thinking of moving out also.  Call us bad kids but we have to do this to give our father a lesson that he is wrong on his decision.

3 Responses to “Moving Out”

  1. Pinx says:

    sorry to hear about that gen… i hope things will get well… hang on there.

  2. J-mie says:

    I pray that things will get better with your family.

  3. Xeni says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about your family issue. Some conflicts can’t really be avoided. Good luck and god bless.