Whirlwind Romance

Indeed that love moves in mysterious ways because it arrives on the day we less expected it and happens so fast that caught us unaware.  There are several kinds of love I have noticed and heard from people.  One of these that caught my attention right now is the whirlwind romance.  At first I do not believed and it and always say impossible until I meet someone who is into this kind of romance.  I think it is cute because it really happens so fast and the next day they now are that they both are saying ‘I do’.  I smiled because their story is so cute and inspiring.  Makes me realized that no one knows when love is coming our way and knocking the doorstep of our hearts.  Their story is the great example of the kind of love that God has planned for us.  Better we have to be aware and always ready for the love that God is preparing for us.

One Response to “Whirlwind Romance”

  1. Pinx says:

    correct gen! love comes when you least expect it to come… for sure, it will come knocking on your door too… one of these days and you’ll be surprised!