Got the discounts

A week ago, we found out that our pipe has leak that causes our water bills to jump up so high.  I went to the water district to report the leak for us to get some discount since we are not aware that our pipe has leak.  I am so glad after hearing that they will grant discounts once a year provided there is a certification from the plumber who fixed our pipe.  They will only charge the same amount we paid from our last water bill.

 This is not a good experienced for us but a good lesson to learn.  Checking the water meter is advisable for us to know if there is something wrong with our pipe.  Tomorrow is the schedule to pay the water bills with the certification from the plumber.

One Response to “Got the discounts”

  1. J-mie says:

    wow. nice to know that they gave you discounts and allowed you to pay the usual bill. Nice to know that there are still companies that are not after profit.