I Am In!

I can definitely say I am so blessed by God.  I started from scratch and do not know what to do but with the help of those friends who gave me encouragements, their time to teach me and patiently listening to me, I have made this blog a nice one.  I am working so hard to make this blog appealing to others.  This is one of the reasons of me working so hard because I am aiming to get in the site that all bloggers are dreaming of.

My sacrifices are paid off because after months of hard work, I am able to get in the site that I am dreaming of.  Yes, they have accepted this blog and I am in!  No room could fill the happiness I felt after seeing this blog added to their system.  Thank you very much God for all of the blessings You have showered on me and thanks for the power You have that helped me getting in the site that I really wanted.  I am in!  Thanks to all my friends and to God!  Wooooooohooooooooo!

2 Responses to “I Am In!”

  1. Terrans says:

    Who are them, the system which accepted you?! Besides this puzzling question, I am congratulating you on your hard work and your enthusiasm making your blog really pleasant and easy to read.