My Second Technology Gadget

At first it was impossible for me, but then again I tried my best to make this impossible possible.  I am in the world of blogosphere for two years now and I can say that those years was blessings for me.  I have been blessed doing one of my passions in life which is writing and earning from it.  It was a hobby at first but right now I am getting unexpected blessings from doing it.  I owe this all to my friend Anne who convinced me to do blogging.


I am saying this because just this month I bought my second technology gadget and this is my new mobile phone.  I can say that this is the fruit of my labor.  I am so happy because I did not expect that I can buy things that I want.  First investment was my laptop, I am still paying for it monthly.  Soon this will be completely mine after paying it full.  And second is my mobile phone.  This is not an expensive one but the thought that I bought these from the money I earned in blogging makes me cry.  It is really makes impossible possible.  I am the happiest person in the world because of the blessings that I have received.  Even though I am using simple English in writing, I can definitely say I am a proud blogger and will be doing it forever.

One Response to “My Second Technology Gadget”

  1. Mona says:

    wow, galing naman more gadgets to come hehe.