Show some love

My cousin is very sick and we are so sad about it.  There is a mass inside her stomach that caused her too much pain.  We do not know yet if it is benign or malignant.  We are so sad about it because her husband doesn’t really show he cares.  It’s been two days since my cousin is admitted in the hospital but her husband is not visiting her yet.  Only her kids, her sisters and some relatives are going there visiting her and brings food to her and her kids.  It breaks her heart to know that her husband did not even bother to ask how she is and if she is okay.

We do not have any idea of what her husband and her are going through.  All we are asking is for him to show some love and care to my cousin and his family.  They are family and they should help and support one another.  The husband supposed to be the partner, comforter and supporter but all those qualities are missing.  Tears are flowing from my cousin’s eye and that breaks our heart.  All she wanted is a support and love from the man she chooses to love and spend the rest of her life together with their four kids.

Right now we are waiting at the result of the ct-scan.  We are praying and hoping that her condition is not worse and may God bless her and her kids for her kids are her strength right now.

4 Responses to “Show some love”

  1. sie says:

    naku Genny can I have at least the name of your cousin..if it’s I can add her to my prayers..I can feel what the mother is going through..when my kids are sick I too feel the pain more..On her husband I so can ex does that..I am a single Mom and my kids and I have been physically abused so I filed an annulment..

    grrrrrrr..that is so cruel naman..xensya na ha pero kumukulo ang dugo sa mga ay grrrrrr..

  2. sie says:

    Genny..I made an award for you..kindly check my site..*hugs*

  3. Ladders says:

    I will prey to God for her better life.I think you should discuss with her husband that its crucial time and he has to take the charge and she needs his support n care.Definitely god will do alright.keep praying..