Advise to Back-up my Blogs

Transferring to new server is the caused why I am having some problems logging in to my blog sites.  And because the transfer is not yet done, she advises those blog owners under her hosting to back up their blogs just if something went wrong during the transferring process.  I am so glad she told us because I do not have a copy of my blogs.  I have back-up all my blogs already.  I do not need to worry if something might happen because I have the copy of all the contents in my blogs.  It is good to back-up our blogs always to be ready all the time just if something bad happen to our blogs.  We can easily put it back again since we have our own copy in our files.  “Prevention is better than cure” as the old saying goes.

I am glad that my net connection was back today and saw the message of my host to back-up my blogs just in case.  Thanks for the reminders and for the little tips on how to back-up my blogs.  I will be waiting till the transferring is complete and all things will be back to normal.  Looking forward for the better server.

3 Responses to “Advise to Back-up my Blogs”

  1. Rcel says:

    Followed, sis Gen! 🙂

  2. Yeah!Fully agree with you.Important data should be backup always.Because its our safe side to get everything running in proper way without any hurdle.I always backup my pc data in my pocket hard disk.I hope you will soon transfer all your data in new server,all will we smooth.Thanks for sharing…

  3. Mona says:

    Hmmmm, need to do it na thanks for the post. Musta!