Paying in Full

My father and I just got home from a short business vacation last week.  We did not able to take a good rest after the long travel since we arrived because the home mortgage is keep on calling us regarding the payment of our house loan.  They have sent for closure noticed twice that is why we follow up it right away.  Our deadline for discount period ends today so we did our best to come up with the exact amount to pay in full our house.  After we come up with the exact amount, we immediately settle our account and pay the house loan.

Finally, we the house we presently residing is ours.  We did the payment today and we are just waiting for the title of the house and lot.  It is a good thinking that our worries are gone now because we already paid the home mortgage.  No more monthly payment because the house we stayed for years is ours finally.  Nothing compares the happiness that the family has right now and we thank God for guiding us to come up with the exact amount to pay the house loan in full.

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