Since the day I started my blogging, I always sleep late because I cannot think of what to write in day time.  And also I am busy in establishing my blog site and gather more traffic to my blog site.  Yes, it is not easy being a blogger because it takes time, effort, patience and love to do it to stay longer.  Even so, it is worth it because I am harvesting the fruit of my labor.  A bit tiring still, but I always think the fun and my passion of doing it.  It’s been two years now of sleep late and woke up late.  I can tell that my sleeping habit is so much affected because I am now enjoying talking to my blogger friends who lives in the other side of the world.

Just recently, I noticed that my skin is no longer healthy.  And also my family told me that I look old. I am so worried about it and realized that I forgot to take care of myself/body.  I am fond of blogging things and forgot to take care of my body.  The most part that is affected is my face according to my sister.  My sister is two years older than I, but if are together I look older than she.  I have to do something about it because it really bothers me.  I think of buying beauty products to rejuvenate my skin and to make it a bit young and brings back the healthy glow.  I have to do it soon before my family tell me I look like a

3 Responses to “Buying beauty products for my face”

  1. sie says:

    hello Genny..I am 35 with two kids but they usually say I look 26 and with a face of a bit Maricar R. pero wa me scandal po hahaha..I have been using po Olay products..but it will usually be based on your skin..I used Ponds but my skin turned oily so I am now using Olay total effects gentle for my face, olay eye cream and olay regenerists for washing my face..this two works really good for me 🙂 goodluck Genny 🙂

  2. Always when cosmetic products are in concern,I will suggest you to take proper consultation from your family doctor and go for a international brand.A bit costly but results are great.Thanks for sharing here..

  3. It’s very good to buy products for your face.I m a serviceman and i take care of my face very much.I watch advertise and then consult to my family doctor about that product.If he suggest me then i purchase.Thanks for advertise your products.