Jaycee’s Operation

He was three months old when we noticed there is an abnormality on Jaycee’s abdomen.  It will go bigger when he will cry loud and shout.  We think it was just normal since he is exerting some force from crying loud and shout.  We are observing it for a week until we heard sound of a bubble in her stomach.  We scheduled for a doctor’s appointment right away and have him check.  And the pediatrician told us that Jaycee has a hernia and needs to be operated before it is getting worse.  I felt so sad for my nephew because he is only three months old.  We decided to wait till his first birthday.

He is nine months old now and we are happy that his hernia is not giving him pain yet.  But just recently we noticed that the swelling below his abdomen is getting bigger every time he exerts force.   We contacted right away a pedia-surgeon.  We were told to have him operated soon before it will reach to the emergency case.   The doctor says that the operation should be this coming Friday.  We have to do it now because the whole where the intestine is going in and out is getting bigger, that is why immediate operation is needed.

This week, we are going to see the doctor again for the final check up and I hope the final schedule of the operation will be settled.  I pray for the successful operation of my nephew and God bless him always.

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  1. anne says:

    I hope he will be okay