I have been told by a friend that our gas stove is not in good condition.  The burner is not good condition because the color of the fire that comes out when we turned it on is red instead of blue.  I am so worried for I have seen in the news about fire and burning cases that caused by broken gas stove.  Sometimes the fire that comes out is so big because of the broken burner and this is the caused of fire.  I am so scared it will happen to us, that is why I am eager to buy a new gas stove for the family.

 I am always at the kitchen because most of the time I do the cooking and I am so scared.  This is the reason I so wanted to buy new gas stove but I do not have enough budgets.  Since my father has extra money, I told him to buy for a new one.  Luckily he said yes and I am so happy about it because my father seldom answers.  Just this afternoon, he went to department store and bought our new gas stove.  My worries are gone now because we can get rid of the old gas stove.  Thanks to my father for buying gas stove for us.  I am preparing dinner with a happy face because I am enjoying the new gas stove that we have.

4 Responses to “The new gas stove for the family”

  1. Pinx says:

    wow! congrats! lami na jud ng mga luto ana ron kay bago man ang stove. hehehe

  2. Hello Gen,

    inig naa na puhon ..lutui ko ha… hehehehe.. salamat kaayo sa laag 🙂

    kung dili pa siya gitaya.. ipacleaning lang na 🙂

  3. Mona says:

    weeehhh ok naman pala si father 😉 enjoy your cooking sisterette.

  4. Very good habit that you always in kitchen. And whole family will be happy from you. I hope you cooked every type of dishes. And facilitation for new stove.