Advice to stop smoking and drinking

The brother is suffering from severe pneumonia and he was brought to the hospital to ease the pain he felt.  The caused of this illness is his too much drinking and smoking.  He was told by father to stop smoking and minimize drinking but he never listen.  He is not following my father’s advice to stop smoking.  It is becoming his habit to put cigarette on his lips.  After years of doing it, he feels the pain and now he is in the hospital and in pain.  It is untimely because he does not have medical insurance for he is too lazy to finish the requirements.  We cannot get a discount from the hospital bill.

The doctor came this morning and talk to my father.  The doctor explains to him the caused of his illness and tells him about his condition.  I can see in my brother’s eyes that he feels sorry for himself and wishing he did not abuse his body.  The brother was advice by the doctor to stop smoking and drinking forever.  My brother learned his lesson from this experienced.  He promised to himself to stop smoking and drinking because he wants to extend his life.  We only have one body that needs to be taken cared of for once it destroyed; it will not be back from the normal condition.  Whatever happens to our body is the result of what we are doing.  And so we have to take extra careful and love our one and only body/life that God is given to us.

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