If you would like to find a new hobby to share with your children and do not know where to begin, you might want to consider looking into remote control (RC) cars.

Now you might instantly think of funky little things crawling around a figure eight track by way of a weak remote control that has to be held within four feet of the action in order for the cars to operate. Not that there is anything wrong with the slow lane, but hey, there are plenty of higher octane options available that will bring more excitement and even a bit of knowledge to your kids. Enter RC car kits, the kind of model you have build from the ground up and learn a bit about automotive engineering in the process.

RC cars are exciting for children. They have access to a little machine that goes where they tell it to go, and at impressive distances and speeds. There are plenty of models that come ready to go out of the box, which are called RTR, or ready to run. RC car kits on the other hand give you and your children the chance to build the car from the parts provided, so that your children, and you included, get to learn why the car runs the way it does. And then you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor by taking it to the street, dirt, or at least your nearest vacant, after-hours parking lot.

There are two basic models of RC car. One is nitro, which runs off of gasoline, and the other is electric, which runs off an electrical charge. The latter is easier to build and is recommended for first-timers. For veteran RC car builders, or those who are already seasoned in automotive technology, nitro cars can provide an exciting and more lifelike experience. Since our cars all run on gasoline, building a nitro car with your children will give them a firsthand look at how our everyday vehicles operate and get us around everyday.

Also consider what terrain you will be taking your RC car on to explore. On-road models built for asphalt are readily available as are dirt-worthy off-roaders. It all depends on where you live and what kind of access you have to optimal RC car tracks.

RC cars are educational opportunities for children when you involve them in the building process, so be sure not to do all the work. Once your beauty is built, be sure to give them a turn driving the thing too, and you will have a hobby to enjoy for years to come.

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    wow, review ba ire haba ah ..Kyla has remote control car before kaso hindi na namin magamit.