My strange dreams

The younger brother left the house for the reason that we do not know.  He just left one day without saying any words nor informing the father that he will  be moving out of the house.  There are various questions that came in our minds and left unanswered.  We do not know what really happens why the brother is acting this way.  The family do not want to believe that he was brain wash by his girlfriend who is a muslim.  The brother really changed a lot that makes the family thinks he is not the brother we used to know. Smiley

Just recently, I always dream that the brother go home finally.  It is five in a row and it is very strange why I always dream of him.  The worse thing in my dream is that, we bit him and hurt him for what he did.  I do not have any idea of what is the meaning of my dreams.  I am trying to interpret the meaning of my dreams but cannot find closer reason of me dreaming of him.  I decided to go visit the company where is  the brother works this week to see how is he.   And for once ask him why and how.  I just hope that he will face me and talk to me.

I have lots of questions that needed his answer, and I hope I will get the answer that I want.  Whatever his decisions is I will respect it but however, I will never understands why he choose the girl over us. Smiley

4 Responses to “My strange dreams”

  1. sie says:

    maybe he just needs time and space to your brother and allow him to just pour out his feelings..maybe he just wanted to prove something for himself but family will always be a family..he will be back I’m sure so don’t worry much he is old enough to handle certain situations on his own 😉

  2. Mona says:

    Baka my gayuma hahah jk .. Anyway, okies lng naman yon eh kung they really in love pero sana humarap naman sila sa inyo para naman magkaron n ng period ito. Hay, si bro talaga hehe.

  3. casino club says:

    Good post. i think you are sad due to leaving of your brother so that’s why your are seeing him in your dreams cuz he is in your mind nowadays. So i think you have to talk to your brother get answers of your questions. Well thanks for sharing your thoughts.May you get your answers and don’t think much about your brother.

  4. Good will find your answers.