Chased by the dog

One reason I do not want the kids to play outside is that there are lots of dogs running in our village.  I am afraid that the kids will be bite by dogs while playing.   Plus, we do not know the owner of the dogs.  I cannot understand why some pet owner just let their dogs go outside.  And I am not sure if their dogs are complete with vaccines.  Graduates of vet tech schools would tell you how important it is for dogs to be vaccinated when they go out with people or other dogs. I have seen cases related to dog bites and it is not good.  It really scary and I do not want it to happen to my nieces and nephew.

One afternoon while the kids are having fun playing outside the house, the neighbor let her dog out to pee.  While the niece are having fun playing with her friends, the dog suddenly chase her.     I was shocked when I saw my niece running and so scared of the dog.  I am so mad and hurriedly get a wood to make the dog go away.  And it makes me more angry after I saw the face of my niece.  The niece is shaking, looks pale and so scared.  I cannot let it slip away like nothing happens.  I am thankful that  nothing bad happens to my niece.  I went directly to the owner and talk to her what had happen.  I came at their place calmly and relax.  I cannot just let my anger control me because I might utter a word that is not so nice.   Our conversation went well and I hope that she will not let her dog out again.

One Response to “Chased by the dog”

  1. Pinx says:

    who let the dogs out diay ang drama ani gen… i can imagine the face of your niece… i hope dili na mausab…