I cannot do it

Last January 24, 2012 was my birthday.  Smiley   I intended to spend it with the family.  I am so happy that my brother arrives to be on my birthday.   I have plans to order sumptuous foods to share on m birthday.  It was my surprise dinner for them.  But when the friend of my brother arrived and invited them to be at their house because it is his father’s birthday, I feel sad because the brothers accepted the invitation.  Smiley   When the brothers left to attend the birthday celebration at their friend’s house I am so angry because they opted to celebrate with them than to me.  Then, I decided not to talk to them for a week.

When they arrived around 11 O’clock in the evening, I did not respond to all their questions.  I am so mad about what they did.  Even though it is so hard not to talk to them, I have to do it to make them feel I am hurt because they neglected me on my birthday.  Yesterday was a success because I did not talk any of them.  Even if they asked me I just reply them with a sigh.  It is not easy I can tell because we are close.  I thought I can do it for five days but I am failed today.  I cannot just ignore them because they are trying to talk to me and make friends with me again.  I wish I can do it for five days but I cannot.  What I did is talk to them and let them know what I feel.  The pain I have in my heart vanished after talking to my brothers.  I hope that they will not do it again to any of the family member.


One Response to “I cannot do it”

  1. Pinx says:

    hahaha… dili katiis gen?? ana pud ko sa akong hubby, sapoton ko, aw di jud nako tinggan, pero di pud ko katiis oi, i humble myself na lang…