Abrupt meeting up

Last Friday, a friend and I agreed to meet at the city to take some photos of the 75th Araw nd Dabaw celebrations.  It is the annual celebrations of the city’s foundation.  Everybody is so excited of the lots of shows that the city is preparing for the people to enjoy.  Sad to say, the early plan was not pushed through because I sleep very late that night.  We both decided to cancel the plan because the friend is also busy doing her online stuffs.  I felt sad because I really wanted to witness the event and the parade.  I did not able to see last’s year celebration that is why I so wanted to make it up this year.  But unfortunately did not able to see it.

I was doing my online stuffs so that my day would be fruitful when another friend messaged me and said if we could meet at the city.  It is not too late so I said yes to her invitations.  Though we did not able to see the parade because we went to the city on the afternoon, we still have fun because we saw the show that the city mayor is preparing for the people.  I am happy because I get to see some of my favorite local actors and actresses.  We stayed there for less than an hour for we cannot see it clearly anymore because people are keep coming.  The abrupt meeting up was  success and I thank Ada for accompanying me.  Till next year my friend. muah!


One Response to “Abrupt meeting up”

  1. Pinx says:

    awsss…si Ada diay imo kauban? tama noh, Araw ng Dabaw man diay… dugay na ko wala kacelebrate og Araw ng Dabaw.