Living and Loving the Life

There are things in our life that we do because we wanted to do it and feels like doing it.  Living the life the way we wanted it is a challenge for us because we tend to go beyond our normal doing because we want to prove something for ourselves.  It is like challenging oneself in this fast moving world.  Isn’t it fun?  Yes, it is fun only if we living and loving it.  Stepping into a new world is a big changes that we want to take a risk.  Even if it is like hitting the impossible things, still we do it because we love to do it for a change.  But of course, the changes should be for the better.

Part of the changes that we have to take a risk is loving someone who is opposite to us.  No matter how much we tried to avoid it, still it coming back to us.  It is called destined I must say.  But we must realized that the focal point of our existence in this world is loving someone and being loved in return.  Difficult right?  Because we do not have any clue how a particular person will reciprocate to us.  However, if we learn to accept things and broaden our understanding we will know that living and loving the impossible things in life is a challenge that has the sweetest result ever.


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