Confine at the Hospital

The nephew is not feeling well since Monday.  He lost his appetite I think because he does not want to eat nor drink his milk.  We thought it was fine because he will eat2-3 spoons every meal time.  Things are getting worse on Tuesday.  Aside from the nephew is not eating nor drinking his milk, he is vomiting and discharging water.  The family are so worried that is why we advised the parents (my brother and SIL) to bring the nephew to the pediatrician to have him checked.  After getting the laboratory, the doctor advised that the nephew should be admitted because of the several bacteria that is found after having the urinalysis laboratory.  The brother refused the the advised of the doctor.  Instead asked the doctor if they could give medicines that the nephew can take while at home.

Unfortunately, the home medication does not work after two days of treatment.  My father told the brother to bring the nephew to the hospital to avoid dehydration and to avoid serious condition of the nephew.  The nephew now is confine at the hospital because he is not eating and he is very weak.  I haven’t visited the nephew yet but I do sending messages to brother asking of the nephew’s condition.  He is getting better now and now eating slowly.  Hopefully the nephew will be discharge on Sunday.

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