Amazing Heat….Whew!

It is summer once again! This season used to be my favorite one. But these days are different. Summer is extra hot like you will have headache every time you go under the sun. Summer then means frolicking in the beach under the sun, flying kites with the strong blow of the wind and the heat of the sun, and finally the well famous halo-halo and ice milk shake to quench the extra thirst due to the hot summer sun. Today, my summer is spent mostly inside the mall because it’s more refreshing and cold inside than to stay outside. How time really changes, even the weather is changing. It’s hard think of the next summers to  come with these days amazing heat already, what would be the next generations summer would be like…tsk, tsk, tsk…. I hope people would realize, that if we don’t do something to help our environment even in the littlest possible way our children and their children will  have the worst weather and climate possible. The smallest thing you can do to help our environment will have a big impact for the next generation. you may not know it yet but you can make  a difference. I can make a difference.

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