Little renovation at home

I always told my father to construct dirty kitchen at the spare area at home.  He always refused because to him it is only an expenses.  To him, why not construct a dirty kitchen when we have space inside the house where to put the stove and kitchen paraphernalia.  Oh well, oldies are like that, they are afraid that their money will vanish. haha!   I did not quit asking him though.  I always told him the advantage of having a dirty kitchen at home.   At dirty kitchen, we can use wood or coal to cook especially now that the oil price always increases.  We cannot afford to buy tank with gas in it.

I guess that father hears what I am trying to say because just recently he approached the brother to contact the handyman that construct the house when we renovated it first time.  It is easy to contact him because he is a friend of my brothers.  He already measured the area at the back of the house, gives to father the list of materials that we have to buy so that the proposed dirty kitchen will be constructed soon.  It is just a little renovation at home, just to separate the cooking area because sometimes smokes from cooking will spread around the house.  Soon I will be cooking in our new dirty kitchen.

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