Hope he will go home

At 5 o’clock this morning, BIL, sister, brother and I will be going to the place where my brother lives and working.  It has been three months since he decided to moved out of the house.  Though we respected his decision, however, we do not agree of it.  I guess the brother is just confused of so many things.  We admit that somewhat we commits mistakes that pushed him to moved out of the house.  It was more of a misunderstanding that we hope it will patch soon.  And the only way to do it, is to bring the brother back home.

We always think of his well-being, his life, his situation and him.  We missed him very much and always pray and wish that one day he will come back to us.  He is the youngest among us siblings and we cannot just forget him that easy because my late mother won’t like it.  He was six when my mother passed away.  And we promised to her grave that we will take good care of the youngest brother.  Thinking that he is not here with us is like breaking the promise we made to our mother.

The family will be having a one week vacation in two weeks time.  We want him to join with us because we are family.  Also, we will visiting the province of our parents.  It would be best if we visit together.  It has been seven years since the last time we visited.  This is one of the reasons why we want him to go home.  Of course number one reason is that we want him to go home and patch the misunderstanding so that we could live happy life just like before.  I do hope that he will go home after the visit.

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