He is going with us

I have mentioned in my earlier post about us visiting the younger brother because we wanted to tell him about us having one week vacation at my parents province.  We went to his place a week ago.  Told him the planned vacation.  We did not get his answer right away because he said he will tell it to the owner of the place where he works at because no one will replace his place if he leaves work for a week.  I am a bit sad because we really wanted him to go with us since he is member of the family.  I am afraid he will not going with us.  Though he told us that he will try to find someone who will take his place while he is on vacation.  We will just have to wait for three days.  There is still hope that he will be going with us.

True enough, the younger brother called the father’s mobile phone after three days.  I am happy because it means he will be going with us.  Well, I am just assuming that he will.  After their conversation over the phone, I asked the father if he will be going with us.  I smiled after hearing what the father just said.  It’s a YES!  The family vacation will be wonderful because the family is complete.  Thanks God for this.  After the birthday of my late mother, we will have our one week vacation.  woohoo!

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