Force to abort

I was watching the new yesterday when I saw about force to abort case in China.  I felt so bad for the baby knowing   that the fetus is seven months old.  How can a mother did such thing to her own flesh and blood?  Though I do not know the story why they forced to abort it, but still it is not a good act.  Seems like they do not value the beauty of life.  Why it has to be done where in fact the seven months old fetus is a baby already.  They took away the life of the baby to live and enjoy the beauty of life.

Abortion was legalized in some countries, even so, it is against the will of God.  I can’t seem to understand why the mother has the guts to do it knowing that it could risk their lives.  This is not a new case to anyone of us but hearing this very sad new breaks our heart especially those who value life very much.  I so wish that the mother will realized how precious the life is to become wasted.  And to those who undergone abortion and has the plan to do it, think twice before doing such things.

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