He misses the son

I have shared before about my younger brother whom moves out of the house and decided to take the path he wants.  He wants to live the life according to his plans.  We have respected his decision, but his decision to move out of the house is so painful to our father.  Thinks that his son is not respecting it anymore.  I have seen the anger in my father’s face, however, I can sense the sadness in his face knowing that his son choose to live the life away from us.  Seems like is does not need the family anymore.  Also it hurts our feelings.  But to accept and understand him is the best that we can do.

After months of away from home, the family especially the father told us to visit our  younger brother and ask him if he could be with us on our vacation.  The family now is better because reconciliation and forgiveness are given.  But the brother is still lives away from us.  Just this afternoon while watching our favorite local show, my father just told me that he wants to visit his youngest son.  I asked him why, he just said ‘just’.  His answer is a simple way of saying he missed his son.  I am sad and at the same time happy that my father’s anger is gone.  What is left is his heart for his son.  It is so true, that a parent will always be a parent no matter what the son and daughter did to them.

To my brother, Papa will visit you soon so prepare the bingka..haha!

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