Let go and let God

In our life, committing mistakes is inevitable.  As they say we are all human and that is normal.  Yes, it is becoming normal because mistakes are part of our life.  There is nothing wrong in committing mistakes provided that we learn from it and be stand corrected.   Sometimes in our life, we say and do things that may hurt the feelings of others.  We thought that what we did was just fine but in real, we hurt someone.  The conflicts happen to family members, relatives, friends and people close to us.  It can resolve easily if both parties are willing to reconcile, accept mistakes and learn to forgive and forget.  It is never easy because people’s pride is sometimes very difficult to swallow.

The best way to resolve conflicts is when the parties are listening when other party is talking and vise versa.  This is the reason we have given two ears and one mouth because God wants us to listen more that to speak.  It is best if we listen first because we will know the feelings of other and at the same time knows what we did to start the conflicts.   I am saying this because there are lots of conflicts and misunderstanding that are unresolved.  It is sad knowing that both parties are hurting each other by throwing of not so good words at each other.  These hurting words may hurt the feelings of our love ones, but if we are to look at it closely, the words we throw to someone might come back to us unexpectedly.

So, if there is conflicts in the family, friends and relatives let us not make it worse.  Instead, we sit down, talk and listen.  Once the root of the conflicts are tackle, we have to learn to let go of those anger, mad and other feelings that is not worth to keep.  Let’s us start a new and live like nothing happens.  It is hard I know, however if we let God enter in our hearts and mind all will be found.  Let go and let God touch your heart.

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