It’s like having a real one

I have seen those people who are dog lovers.  I am amaze that they sleep with their dogs, eat with them, dressed them like their own child and even throw a birthday party.  How cool is that?  That is how they take good care of their pets.  I wish I can do that but I do not have patience in doing those things.  Besides, petting a dog or any other animals is a bit costly.  I wanted to have a dog at home because it does helps in releasing our stress.  I have proven this many times back when I stayed at my aunt’s place.  They have three dogs and six cats.  They sits on their lap, feet, chest, anywhere they want.  I sometimes play with them.  It does releases stress.  However, having them in the house is not possible.  That is why I settled in buying different stuffed toys.  I have teddy bear, cat, dog, mouse, and pig.  I hug them sometimes and it helps in a way. Though I have several stuffed toys at home, I am still thinking of having stuffed animals dogs. It is cute and cuddly.  It is like having a real dog at home.

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