Loves to lift his shirt

531436_423120487730186_1814762347_nThis is my one year and seven months old nephew who loves to lift his shirt.  Even though he is told by his mother not to do it, still she is doing it.  A teaser?  Yes, this little fella is a teaser not only to his mother but to all of us.  But it is so cute every time he lift his shirt.  Seems like he is an old guy.  Just like what his father, uncle and grandfather did.  Made me realized this little fella is also a good imitator.  I guess all kids are imitator.  They follow what they see.  To them, seems like all they see is right especially things that they always see at home.

So, when the nephew lifted his shirt, I took a photo.  It is so cute and thought of sharing it here.  Honestly, I have more than one photo of him lifting his shirt, but this one is cute because he looks at the camera.  Is this a bad habit?  I do not know because I haven’t done it yet.  haha!  Kidding aside, I guess this one is not a good habit that needs to break early since the nephew is still young.  And since he is following what he sees, I guess the older fella at home should be a perfect example for him.  Also, must avoid the lifting of shirt.

One Response to “Loves to lift his shirt”

  1. princesses says:

    hehehe ka siaw pud oi, basin comfy siya kau alsahon niya iya t-shirt tita oi, kuyaw kayo ug pormada ba kay kanang murag lalaki nga palahubog bitaw pakita dayon sa tiyan alsahon ang shirt hehehe